Warm Rain

Inspired by a late summer shower…

Special thanks to the band Dragon for inspiring our version of City Lights.

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  1. Biased opinion #1

    3rd listen

    The more I listen to Warm Rain as an album the more I hear.
    It has real depth as an album.More than 3/4 the albums I have paid for.
    Somebody has got to love our muse!
    Big contract has a “Godfather” like air to it the balances nicely with the
    darkness and shape of my booze manicness earlier.
    Great production.
    We Rock!

    Cheers R

  2. Mellow, honest, raw – reaches deep down inside.
    Paradise takes me to a place I like to be and makes me feel warm.
    I love your muse and I love that you’re not afraid to say that you love it – that really rocks!

  3. Absolutely lovin Todays Big Contract, where can I pay to download???????????

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