We are a collaboration of musicians based in Cornwall UK.

At our secret location known only as Studio B we experiment with capturing
the vibe of old, vintage and often temperamental amps and instruments to create
uniquely honest, original and inspiring music.

Most is recorded in a single live take. Some are overdubbed, but always
spontaneously and on the same night.

We don’t rehearse, we simply play.

The idea happened one night when myself and Mark Horrell simply decided to play
and see what happened. We liked it, and called in some friends.

The albums on this website are our improvised recordings. Unrehearsed and simply put down
with whoever is there on the night. They simply are what they are. We hope you enjoy them.

We are, in order of appearance:

Matt Chapman: Producer/engineer. Plays: Guitar, synth, drums, bass, stage piano, Mercedes hubcap, vocals.
Mark Horrell
: Plays: Bass, guitar, stage piano, synth, drums.
Lukas Drinkwater
: Plays: Drums, bass, guitar, stage piano, double bass, synth, vocals and any other instrument you don’t have to blow into.
: Plays: Guitar.
Graham Burt
: Plays: Guitar, drums, ebow, bass.
The Ben (McGarr)
: Sax, stage piano.
Will Wilson
: Plays: Drums, bass, guitar, piano, synths, trumpet,  vocals and is our Number 2 engineer and tech guru.
Richard Crowe
: Our midi guru. Plays: Synths/samples, guitar, bass and drums.
Mark Callaghan
: Plays: Guitar, bass, backing vocals and drums.
Neil Earnshaw
: Plays: Guitar and vocals.
Stevey Dave: Our tone consultant & modification expert. Our very own Dr.Frankenstien. Plays: Guitar & piano.
: Ben’s flatmate in Prague. Plays: Keys on Giza Jazz
Martin Webster
: Plays: Drums, balalaika, bass, backing vocals and tambourine.
Lee Kamara
: Plays: Piano and sings.
Mark Oliver
: Plays: Guitar and Synth.
Rockin’ Ron (Dibble): Plays: Guitar, then tears them to pieces with his teeth.
: Plays: Guitar, bass, stage piano, and synths.
Noam: Bongos, guitar, bass.
Andy Habin: Guitar madness.
Ben Harris: Acoustic guitar.
Ross Kessel: Bass, stage piano.

Special thanks to:

Chris Gray: For putting up with our mess and madness.
Andy Habin
for his awesome band photography.
Vivien Minton for use of her photographs for album art.
Dom for the amazing painting used on the cover of Angelica.
Voices of War for their inspiration and collaboration.
Everyone Else who has contributed along the way.

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