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Saturday September 11th 2010.

After playing an awesome show with his other, Devon based band Freak By Wire, Mark Horrell had his Epiphone Firebird bass and shell pink Fender Telecaster stolen from the back of a car behind The Clipper in Camborne. Tele is a dear friend of The Made Up Tuesdays and featured on many recordings. We’d really like to get her home safely as soon as possible.

Here’s what to look for:

Shell Pink Fender Telecaster. Mexican Joe Strummer relic neck. Rosewood fingerboard – lighter at first and second frets on top edge. Body is a really soft vintage pink, lightly sanded to a matte finish with plenty of small nicks and dings and buckle worming. Hardware is all vintage style relic’d. Pickups are hand-wound Bulldogs, but you’d have to take it apart to check. It has a vintage tweed style strap extended with a shoelace.

It’s a very distictive guitar and in a Fender plastic embossed hard case. It had a Mojo Guitars sticker on and blue tape with the words “Mark’s Tele, Yummy!” written on. Also a piece of silver gaffa tape with ‘Pinky’.

The Epiphone Thunderbird bass is vintage sunburst finish with a bolt-on neck. One of the strings is bodged together on the headstock and it has a nice big chip out of the top horn on the body.

Any information in finding these instruments is greatly appreciated. If you have seen them, or been offered them for sale. Please obtain seller’s details if possible and contact us or the police right away.


We recorded a track for a Cornflakes ad last night. Will keep you all posted!


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New Album is up!

Cosmic Background Radiation is just about ready and should be available for your listening pleasure in the next few days!


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