The God Particle

Review by Tarkus Magazine (extract)

The Made Up Tuesdays (tMUT) is a long lasting project that Angel (formerly Gary) Walker recently joined and this is actually much more interesting. The concept here is a straightforward instrumental music bordering neo-psychedelia/post-rock, with some superficial influences from both the older days of Kraut (La Düsseldorf, Embryo, Release Orchestra) and later stuff like Bark Psychosis and Mogwai. Most of the material, however, differs from the somewhat stringent strategy in the setup of the two latter bands, as tMUT primarily concerns the art of suggestion and a meticulous painting of frail atmospheric images. The playing is also loose and comfortable rather than costly, with an instrumentation which embraces woodwind and brass (sax, trumpet) in addition to the core of (el-guitar/bass/drums/organ, analog synth and electric piano), and the sketch-like progress of the songs have a light touch of cinematic jazz and primitive electronica. Music that is seemingly simple in design and delivery, but not necessarily in the plan and effect.

Talking 2 Minds

One afternoon, Martin called me and said, “Lee’s in town, can we play tonight? I have
some words!”. It’s always a productive night when Lee’s in town. Plus it was Tuesday.
So it’s a done deal.
Martin fresh and inspired by his experience with Talking 2 minds and
the amazing work of Bob Paxman and his team, decided we should film it.

This is a song to celebrate the great work of Talking 2 Minds who continue to
change lives and do great things.

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